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The very small town of Leggett is located along Highway 101. The town has a few road side attractions including a general store and drive-thru tree.

Location / Terrain:

Redwood forest

Population: 303

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Leggett Elevation:

952 feet

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Best For:

A good stop if you are making your way up or down the highway, great for a lunch or to stretch your legs.

Nearby Towns:

Laytonville (21 miles)
Westport (27 miles)

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Chief Greenbud
Chief Greenbud

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Leggett Valley Chamber of Commerce
Smithe Redwoods State Reserve
Standish-Hickey State Recreation Area
Laytonville Area Chamber of Commerce

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Complimentary Tour Of The B Bryan Preserve at Lodging At The B Bryan Preserve
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Leggett California Information

Driving north along Highway 101 past Willits and Laytonville, you will encounter the small community of Leggett. This tiny little town is the second most northern town in Mendocino County, being so far north that it almost seems forgotten by the rest of the county. Most people will fly pass the town on their way to another destination, but if you do stop, you will find that Leggett can be a nice place to enjoy lunch or take a hike in the state parks. The Smithe Redwood State Reserve and the Standish-Hickey State Recreation Area are nearby and both are worth checking into as you make your way through town. There are also a few road side attractions near Leggett. The Chandelier Drive-Through Tree and picnic area can be fun. Leggett is also the location of the northern cut-off to Highway One (1).

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