Use Glass Door for Online Business Reviews

If you are in need of a solid review or two of a business, the best place to go online is Glass Door is an online review site with millions of reviews on thousands of companies like American Express, Olive Garden, Old Navy, and more.

What sets Glass Door apart from other review sites is the way reviews are submitted, created, and organized. Reviews come from current employees and former employees. The reviews don’t give their names, so they remain anonymous. The best thing about an anonymous review is that it allows people to discus matters freely.

Imagine if you were a current employee of an organization and had some critical things to say. If your name is attached to your review, there is a good chance someone you work for or with would see it. This could jeopardize your standing within the company. Because the employees on Glass Door are anonymous, they are pretty honest in their assessments.

Each Glass Door review ranks the company overall and the CEO. It also asks the review if he or she would recommend the company to a friend. Employees list the pros and cons of their workplace, and get to offer management some advice. The result is a compilation of thorough reviews that are very helpful to prospective employees looking for jobs, customers looking for a specific level of service, and even investors or shareholders.

We believe the best people to tell you about a company are the people who work there—the people who make the engine go, so to speak. Here are some examples of the types of reviews Glass Door has to offer.

Old Navy Reviews
Total Reviews: 3,318
Average rating: 3.4 stars
CEO score (Art Peck): 73%
Recommend to a friend: 64%
Sample pros: “The management it’s great. It’s a fun, active and safe environment to work in.
The co-workers are friendly and helpful in every aspect.”
Sample cons: “You were only limited to your section. If the children’s section was visited frequently by customers and became messy, managers wouldn’t allow you to help your co-worker.”
Sample advice to management: “Update your registers and all other technology and website … pretty far behind the leading retailers. Have more full time employees if they are willing to work the 40 hrs/wk instead of 90 parttimers scraping by on less than 20 hrs/wk.”

Olive Garden Reviews
Total Reviews: 1,585
Average rating: 3.4 stars
CEO score (Gene Lee): 75%
Recommend to a friend: 66%
Sample pros: “I make decent money on tips, helps with learning customer service skills in fast paced environment. Learn a lot about restaurant industry. Flexible hours.”
Sample cons: “Very fast paced environment, you are expected to do so much and you technically live off tips. Because you have to do so much in a short time frame everyone is out for themselves. Management gives you horrible tables and jobs when you don’t make sales or get good reviews from guests. The GM could be rude just ignore and have tough skin. You’ll need it.”
Sample advice to management: “More help with development of team members.” “Treat your employees like people, not numbers.”

Melaleuca Reviews
Total Reviews: 157
Average rating: 4.0 stars
CEO score (Frank VanderSloot): 83%
Recommend to a friend: 81%
Sample pros: “Extremely friendly and proactive environment. Everyone seems to be serious about their job. Upper management constantly shows that they care about each and every one of their employees. Excellent employee incentives. Frequent opportunities to move up in the company if you work hard.”
Sample cons: “Month end is really hard.” “I do not agree fully with some of the personal beliefs of the upper management, but those beliefs do not interfere with how the business is run.”
Sample advice to management: “hire more hotshots so part time people don’t have to work 12 hour shifts on month end”