5 To-Dos for Extended Travel

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or this is your first long trip, leaving town for more than a month has unique to-dos that go beyond the tasks associated with a shorter vacation. Here are five things you should check off your list before hitting the road or heading to the airport.


1. Hire a House Sitter

Some couples opt to have someone stay at their home for the duration of the trip, while others are more comfortable having a trusted person pop in to check on things every once in awhile. Whichever route you choose, have that person lined up well in advance of your visit and clearly outline expectations and compensation.


2. Set up Storage


Maybe you’re selling your home before heading abroad, or perhaps you have a subletter for the time you’ll be gone. Either way, if it’s not practical to store your belongings at home, research storage units near your home base at least a few months before your departure date. According to Storage Units in Ocala, it’s important to keep valuables in secure, temperature-controlled storage, it puts those items in jeopardy of theft or damage.


3. Get a Clean Bill of Health


Before heading out, see your doctor and dentist to get a checkup and undergo any necessary procedures that you wouldn’t want to take care of in an unfamiliar locale. Stock up on prescription medications for the length of your trip, especially if you’re heading out of the country and won’t have easy access to a pharmacy or if you have a chronic condition that’s managed by medication. Take a look at the New England Journal of Medicine’s recommendations on Medical Considerations Before International Travel.


4. Notify Financial Institutions

Make sure to let your bank, credit card company, and other key financial institutions know that you’ll be out of the country so that they don’t place a fraud alert on your account, potentially limiting access to funds. This is also a good time to make a budget for your trip and pay any bills that are expected to come due while you’re away. You can also talk to your bank’s representative and make sure you’ll be able to use your cards overseas. See also Expert Vagabond’s Travel Banking Tips.


5. Scan Important Documents

Creating electronic copies of important documents such as passports, visas, credit cards, itineraries, plane tickets, and others will make your life easier if you happen to lose your bag or wallet while you’re away. In addition to the electronic copies, make three paper copies: one for yourself, one for your partner, and one to keep in a lockbox at home.

By adding these five key items to your to-do list, you’re one step closer to the worry-free journey of your dreams.