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Three Travel Review Sites to Plan Your Vacation


Not only is Expedia a one stop shop letting you book flights, hotels, cruises, and rental cars all in one place, but it also provides reviews of various destinations, and if you are in the B&B or hotel business you can even post a listing of your property!

Their bundling option also helps you save money, and you can join their rewards program to rake up the benefits too.

Caravan World

For those that prefer the freedom of traveling with your own mobile home, Caravan World offers reviews and news on caravans, which are vehicles equipped for living in, such as RVs and trailers towed by trucks. They also offer reviews on caravan-friendly destinations and tips and tricks for your trip.


If you are at the beginning stages of planning your vacation, Tripadvisor is a great website to visit! You can type in a location, and it will give you ideas on places to stay, where to eat and activities to keep you busy! There are several filters and categories to narrow down the results making this a great tool in your belt to find exactly what you need for any kind of vacation.

Whether you are traveling near or far, in a hotel or in a trailer, these review sites can help you plan the perfect holiday vacation.

Happy Traveling!