How to Make Your Road trip Awesome!

So the travel bug has bitten you too, and you are on an advent for the much trending and cool ‘road trip’? With even so many movies, focusing on road trips and travel in general, not surprisingly many want to hit the road, to experience the awesomeness of a road trip! But if you thought it was easy as it looks like in the movies, you might want to consider these tips on how to make your road trip awesome! Sure, you have your agenda on point; all fueled and geared up, but make sure to check the following, for an experience of a lifetime.

1. Flexibility is the key

You know what you are heading too, and you have some specifications about it, perhaps, stop at a particular place, eat a specific dish or click an explicit picture. When you hit the road, you’ve got to bear in mind that this may not always go how you endeavored it to. Keep it flexible, have an open mind, chances are you might end up having a better experience than you thought you would!

2. Company matters

You are going to be on the road for quite some time and are most likely to get exhausted, with the travelling, looking for directions, etc. All this might get a little overwhelming, and you most definitely want to be with someone during this, which is; let’s say like-minded, if not sharing the same interests to say the least! A road trip might throw situations at you, that will require decisions and someone who is a little stuck up one being adamant, may not be the best person, even if that is your best friend!

3. Have several food stops

Ditch the diets for once! This is your chance to experience some of the most exquisite food. Again the first point plays a significant role here. The highway has some of the best food. As if the highway itself was not enough, pit stops for food are the crux of a road trip, for the quintessential high way rendezvous. Picture yourself, indulging in some country side food, with vehicles speeding on the never-ending highway, against the backdrop of a starry night or sipping on a thirst quencher, as the sun blisters away! Perfect, we say!

4. Kids and everything that come with them

Road tripping with kids, can be a another thing altogether. But in a nutshell; you are certainly going to have to keep them entertained and engaged so that they don’t get all cranky and difficult! Carry things with you that have them engaged. A magnetic tray is a great idea, for them to have their toys on it, and to save you the trouble of gathering all that has fallen off, along with the basic necessities of diapers and other necessary medicines. Paper games are a good option too!

5. Take a while to stop and stare at the vistas

Stars in the skies, sunsets, panoramic mountains, curling roads, rivers gushing, may seem to be the obvious sights, but stopping and taking a moment to feel this, is perhaps the entire idea of road trip! Certain road trip planner with stops will help you with the best stops. This is not something you can live, while you sit at your desk, for 9 hours. So, live the moment!

6. Get local

Interacting with the locals will give you some great insights. So talk to them, not only is a great way to know about the area, but also it is some great enlightenment on the cultures and general life there.

7. Being rigid with the budget may not be the best

You certainly have a fixed budget for this much-awaited road trip and want to stick to it. But being too frugal might only cost you to lose out on some of the best experiences ever. Think of it as, you have come this far, spending a little more may actually be for the best. Behold any opportunity you get like for example that local beer festival, or a farmer’s market, or an art festival, basically anything! You want to buy that wonderful local artifact for your drawing room? Go for it, buy it!

8. Have an exclusive playlist

If a movie has urges you to take on this road trip, live it up with listening to all the tracks from it. Imagine as if your road trip was a movie itself, how would you make it sound!? Sound silly, but works! Music certainly is the ultimate amplifying experience of a sojourn. The playlist will not just get you nostalgic about your road trip, but will even make you relive it a little!

9. Share driving shifts

Don’t get all ambitious for taking the full run by you, how much ever you love driving. Sitting besides the driver, will give you the opportunity to nap, catch up some great sceneries, hog on a burger, click pictures, and just be! So share the driving.

10. Maps and directions

Lastly, don’t forget to carry an old school road trip map for simple directions, and some crucial highway way markings. You cannot completely rely on technology here, as you are bound to lose signal, many a times. So you don’t want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere (while, that could be a lifetime of experience!). So carry a map. Another good idea is to take screen shots of directions, whenever you have network.

Apart from the above, also check out the many road trip planners that will aid in getting into the nitty-gritty’s of a road trip. All you have to do is, hit the ‘plan my road trip’ and get going.